Pausing an Automatic WordPress Backup with BlogVault

Jun 11, 2014

Pausing an Automatic WordPress Backup with BlogVault

Jun 11, 2014

Pausing a WordPress site’s backups is easy with the BlogVault dashboard. This can be done by clicking on the BlogVault dashboard’s “Pause Backup” button in the Menu Bar of the Site Details page. Doing so would pause ongoing backups and put all future backups for the site on hold.

The details of the last backup performed of your sites, as well as when the next backup is scheduled, can be found on the Site Listing/ My Sites page, as soon as you log in to the BlogVault dashboard.

Clicking on the site in question from this page will take you to its Site Details page.

Pausing a BlogVault Backup

You can pause the backup by clicking on ‘Pause/Resume Sync’ feature in the header of the Site Details page. Pausing the backup of your site would stop the sync and backup operations of the Backup, Management and Security modules on your BlogVault dashboard. This would also stop all future automatic backups on your site from taking place at their daily scheduled times, so it’s important that you resume backups once you’re done.

Resuming a BlogVault Backup

Resuming the backup is as simple as clicking the same button again.

Pausing and resuming a backup allows you to make changes to your site, and then back up said changes.

This lets you plan backups, and have instrumental changes saved. The ‘History‘ feature under the Backup module of the BlogVault dashboard allows you to track these changes and even add notes to backup versions so you know exactly what changes were made between backup versions.

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