Managing FTP Accounts

An FTP account will allow users to access your website’s files via FTP. You can create multiple users and also provide selective access to directories within your domain. You will need a third-party FTP client to access these files. Filezilla is one of the robust FTP clients that is compatible with all three platforms – Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Creating an FTP Account

  1. Click on FTP Accounts under the Files section of your cPanel.
Go to cPanel--> Files--> FTP Accounts

Go to cPanel–> Files–> FTP Accounts

2. Enter username.
Note: This username, along with the domain, will be used for logging into the website using FTP. E.g.

 3. Enter a strong password. A strength indicator is provided that will help you discern the strength of your password. You could also use the Password Generator that will provide you with potential passwords with a single click.

4. Specify the home directory for the FTP account being created. By default, all WordPress files will reside in the public_html folder.  Here, ‘test2’ is what we entered.

Add FTP Account


Note: This field determines the directory access that will be granted to the user.

E.g. The user test2, on logging in, will only have access to the directory test2 and all its sub-folders.

DO NOT use ‘test2’ as your home directory, it’s just an example

5. Set the disk space quota. This field determines how much disk space is allocated for the account.
Note: This field is set to unlimited by default. However, you will be limited by the disk space allocated for your hosting plan.

6. Click Create FTP Account. You have now successfully created a new FTP account. You can see this account listed under FTP accounts.

FTP account created
Note: You can also login to FTP using your cPanel Username and Password. This will provide access to the entire account (all directories).

Managing FTP Accounts

Using the account management table, you will be able to perform the following operations on the FTP accounts:

  • Change Password: Change the password for the FTP account.
  • Change Quota: Using this option, you can increase/ decrease the disk space quota allocated for the FTP account.
  • Delete: This will remove the FTP account. You have the option of deleting just the FTP account or deleting the account along with the files in its home directory.