11 Must-Have Features of a World Class WordPress Backup Plugin – BlogVault

Oct 23, 2017

11 Must-Have Features of a World Class WordPress Backup Plugin – BlogVault

Oct 23, 2017

11 Features of World Class WordPress Backup Plugin

Being a hardcore blogger, my work is to write attractive, informational and engaging content for the viewers to understand the topic with ease. I use WordPress to post my blogs, and for my viewers to read the blogs in a completely professional mode.

Working with WordPress comes with lots of responsibilities at the same time, not just for Bloggers, but for entrepreneurs and website owners as well. You have to be really alert of all the tasks, from adding a post to feature image to backup plugin and security mode. Any kind of problem, error in WordPress can shift your task from few minutes to long hours.

While working with WordPress, I felt that the need of a really good WordPress Backup Plugin is a must. At least I don’t want my hard work to get spoiled in any way, and I know you also don’t want the same right! So, here’s my Blog that will describe you everything about a classy WordPress Backup Plugin.

First of all, let’s understand about WordPress Plugin…


What is WordPress Backup Plugin?

They are the software that provides an extension in the functionality of WordPress. WordPress has more than 50,000 plugins, which you can easily use to tailor your website and the content you want to add in it.

Most of the plugins are available in WordPress itself, rather if you want to add some more, then you can download/install your favorites ones as well.  


Need of WordPress Plugin –

WordPress is a truly professional platform for all the Digital marketers, website owners, and Entrepreneurs to show off their skills to the world. Creating and posting content, site management ain’t easy using it, and if any kind of error occurred, the data may also vanish! Site opening problem is also a headache, so, backups are really necessary for data protection and maintenance.

There are many third-party WordPress backup plugins as well, that provide same features as of the WordPress plugins. One of which is BlogVault. Using this tool you can get the following features, same as of any of the WordPress plugins.

WordPress Plugins offer custom functions and features. Here I will let you know about the best Eleven of them –


Migration  –

I think the very first and important feature of any WordPress Backup Plugin is Migration. When you work with WordPress, believe me, you’re dealing with a complex ecosystem. Moving a URL from one to another ain’t an easy task at all. And without the help of additional tools, it might be one of the most technical jobs for any WordPress site Administrator.


There are many reasons for the failure of a migration process. In case of large sites, usual issues may occur. Servers can time-out, resulting in migration termination. So, search for the best WordPress Plugins that provide you the proper migration feature to use it easily.

As you know that migrating is really tough ask to do and understand as well. So, there’s a need to simplify the process, and BlogVault does the same for you. Take a quick look to know about the working of BlogVault on Staging basis.

  • You can migrate the sites through a single click.
  • You can re-write URLs in all pages and posts.
  • You can perform Zero Downtime Migration.
  • You can Track the progress.


Content Backup –

Your awesome blogs/website deserve to be taken care off properly, also in terms of having a backup in case of data loss. Search for the plugins that could provide you a secure backup of your content. Normally such plugins store the data in any/multiple locations (in dropbox, google drive, cloud or other places) that are independent of the WordPress site.

In this way, you’ll be able to use the content in case your WordPress got errors in the content creation/adding/site managing section.


Site Restore  –

The best WordPress backup plugins include complete site management. From arranging backups of WordPress files, database, custom files, and tables as well. You must be able to restore all these files and documents in just one click!


You may also check the working of your site by loading it in the test servers. In case of any development, you may quickly do it and update it.

BlogVault provides you Auto restore options, where you can restore your previous website backups. This especially helps at times you face non-recoverable failures or site crashes.


Dashboard Management –

I think that the Dashboard management should be independent, though you can easily take the backup from all sites. Have a plugin which could ensure ‘Real-time Backups’, so that any change you make to the WordPress, gets saved immediately. You shouldn’t worry about any kind of data loss situations right!


MultiSite Management –  

I prefer the plugins having ‘Multisite Management’ feature. This may also be in use according to the requirement. Such plugins back up your entire network, thereby reducing the possibility of a kind of shared source. Plugins like UpdraftPlus are an exception here.


Incremental Backup –

This term is especially helpful the professionals that hold large sites. The big size of the photos, videos, content really effects in the making and managing of it. So, there are backup plugins that can help you out to minimize the Server load and size of your backups, thereby saving lots of data storage space.

BlogVault creates the backup of your whole site for the first time, and then after that, it simply updates all the changes you make to that particular site. This term is called as Incremental backup.

Content Management –

What will be the use of the site without an illuminating, attractive content? You should work with the best technologies to make your content look the best. And the plugins can help you out to promote your content creation capability. You can perform simple/complex content management tasks like add widgets, navigation bars, images, videos, links etc. And the backup plugins will help you to restore all of them in just one click.


Storage options –

The plugins provide various storage options. The most frequently used is the dropbox, followed by Google drive, Cloud storage, Server storage etc. You can use them all/some to store your backups in a mmuch-securedway than random.


Adds on –

Some backup plugins also offer ‘Clone Site’ option to review the actual site before publishing it. The ‘Preview’ backup,one-click staging, database research and replacing backups are add ons that come with the premium versions of plugins.


Backup Monitoring –

This will very nice if you could monitor all the functions going on in the site. You’ll be easily able to see your tasks performance, in order. The scheduled tasks, dashboard functions, plugins working, themes addition, everything you monitor out simply. In case of any problem occurred, or backup failure, you may also get the notification (via e-mail or any other source which is active).


Backup History –

The thing is, that when you have multiple backups, it becomes a tedious task to properly manage the whole thing. So, your next priority will be having a complete backup history. There are many reasons you need to have a proper backup history, viz, the backups make it easy for you to look for any updates or changes done on the site. The duration of backup history can vary as per the plug-in type, I recommend you to select one which provides 365-day history backup.

Here were the features of WordPress plugin for various advanced Backup operations. Now let’s understand the benefits you’ll have by using them.


Using a WordPress Backup Plugin –

As far as the use of WordPress plugins is concerned, I would divide the use of them as per the website requirements –

  • Small/Medium website’s requirement
  • Large website’s requirement

The small/medium size websites don’t require very specific plugin backups. You can manage it with the WordPress plugins only if you hate to give monthly fees to premium plugins. But if you got to add any third party plugin as to perform backups, they may also do it.

Basically, for managing the large websites, premium versions of plugins are downloaded. As they are the full versions of the plugins, with all the specific functions of handling and managing the tasks from scheduling to publishing.

Basically, you can download/install any plugin by visiting their official site. I suggest you to properly learn about the features of the plugins before downloading them. Some of the plugins give a free trial for some days as well. So, you try them first before downloading the full version.


Plus Note – Benefits provided by the best Backup Plugins –

  1. Easy Backup – By using the best plugins, the first thing you’ll experience is the easy backup handling. The developers work quite hard to make the work easier for you.
  2. Fast Backup – You should be using a plugin that could provide you all the backups in a faster manner. The faster data you’ll get, the more you’ll be able to work using it.  
  3. Safe Backup – Don’t confuse the easy and fast mode with data’s security, technology has got really advanced. Take an example of the best plugins, one of the most important priorities is to keep the backup data safe.
  4. Availability – The plugins can come in many versions, viz, standard, premium etc. There are open source backup plugins as well, which are absolutely free. You can try them per your requirements.
  5. Priority support – You’ll get full support of the plugins to determine your priority work and completing it as well.


Final Thoughts –

Though I claim that the advance technology has made things easier, still it’s a basic rule that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Using backup plugins is a good thing in order to manage your WordPress tasks. But you should be able to use it to its full potential, without any much inconvenience. So, it’s suggested to first research on the proper working of the plugin you are about to use.

So, there was my article describing all about a high-quality WordPress Backup plugin. Now, it’s your turn to find all/some of these points in your present plugin, or you can install/download any other plugin that may have these features as well.

Thanks for reading my Blog, please share if you liked it!

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