Best WordPress Backup Plugins 2017 Comparison

So this is yet again a year of WordPress plugins, their work, and benefits. But the things are different a little bit because there are over 50,000 plugins that are battling with each other to be the professional’s First Choice. And why not, they are having the features within, so what’s wrong to compare them all together.

Well, I am suggesting comparison because as a professional myself, I think everyone who works using WordPress should know about the best WordPress backup plugins and the ’Best out of the Best’ plugins as well. And here I will provide you the same exact information, because I myself, am a lover of getting “to the point” information.

According to surveys, the mostly used WordPress Backup plugins include –

  1. BackupBuddy
  2. UpDraftPlus
  3. BackWPUp
  4. BackUpWordPress
  5. VaultPress

Though I don’t deny that there are many other backup tools as well, I am only including these five of them to be compared with BlogVault and see the differences between them. Here you will see the pros and cons of the respective tool and how BlogVault can be a firm choice in place of them?(if you want to).

Let’s start with the Number 1 Spot, BackUpBuddy tool.


BackUpBuddy V/S BlogVault

BackUpBuddy is the most popular WordPress backup plugin, this anti-subscription service allows you to schedule your backups on daily/weekly or monthly basis. By using their Stash, you can also do the real-time backup tasks as well.


BlogVault, though is very less in popularity as compared to BackUpBuddy, it provides a free 7-days trial, which BackUpBuddy doesn’t provide. Also, BlogVault provides Offsite backup, which means you can recover your data even after your server crashes. One click setup is a plus point of BlogVault.

You won’t get all these features in BackUpBuddy, but it has unchallenging activation though. Afterall there’s some reason behind its Number 1 mark right!

Let’s move to the very next WordPress backup plugin, UpDraftPlus.


UpDraftPlus V/S BlogVault

It is one of the most used free WordPress backup plugins. The best thing about it is that it provides both scheduled and on-demand WordPress backups. The priority support of this plugin is world famous, but you can only get it in its premium version.


Though UpDraftPlus provides backup as per your need, its dashboard section can be problematic, because it ain’t much user-friendly like BlogVault. Also, it doesn’t offer incremental backups. BlogVault dashboard is not only organized but works in a systematic form and the designs are user-friendly, means completely easy to use.

Whereas in UpDraftPlus, all the sites are referring to UpDraft add-ons, which can be a bit irritating and be confusing as well. So what you will be choosing?

Our next battle will be between BackWPUp and BlogVault


BackWPUp V/S BlogVault

BackWPUp is the best WordPress backup plugin if you are searching for an ‘Easy to use’ type plugin. You can easily schedule the automatic backups according to the site’s frequency. Also, it offers simple WordPress restoring process.


Although this tool is giving a good fight to BlogVault, it fails in providing storage space for backups. Also, it doesn’t give the real-time backup processing option as well. Both these features are now very necessary in order to create large sites.

BlogVault pose both these essential features and thus can be a good choice for you if you frequently create larger sites. Now the choice is yours!

Next up we will talk about BackUpWordPress plugin.


BackUpWordPress V/S BlogVault

If you want the best automatic scheduling support plugin, then BackUpWordPress will be a good choice. For it is a complete WordPress backup plugin, you can store your backups on Dropbox, google drive etc. Though it will require a premium extension.


No doubt it is one of the best WordPress tools, but I swear it stands nowhere in terms of restoring features against BlogVault.

BlogVault offers easy to restore and test restore features. You also restore the migrated site as well, which makes a big plus point to choose it as your prime backup plugin. And that’s not all, you can also restore the history backup, the changes that you have done and the individual files as well.

In BlogVault there is storage space available for backups, but BackUpWordPress doesn’t have that space. This can be a major drawback for it, especially at times, you will be creating large sites. As these sites require a lot of space.

Our Final comparison will be with VaultPress.


VaultPress V/S BlogVault –

VaultPress is famous for offering real-time cloud backup solution (automated). This tool is especially used by the WordPress beginners. Well though is founded by the co-founder of WordPress, I can’t shed the downsides of using it. 


You can’t use the one-click setup feature unless you have the Jetpack installed in it. While BlogVault offers you this setup. BlogVault utilizes its own servers, therefore no need of user’s storage space, but Vaultpress need to use the same.

You can’t operate the ‘Staging’ environment without having the Jetpack version of VaultPress. Staging has been a really important term now. But in BlogVault you can use this feature easily, as it is enabled from within the dashboard.

One major drawback in VaultPress is that though you do have the backup history feature, but it will very difficult to find the file you want. Whereas in BlogVault the backup history is listed in a systematic way, and this makes it really easy for you to operate with this tool.


Final Words –

So here were the best five plugins for providing WordPress backups, and their comparison with BlogVault. Though this article doesn’t mean to de-dignify the best of plugins, it’s just a comparison article which shows the real flaws of them, and how can BlogVault be a better choice. Choosing any of them will totally depend on you. Click here for Pricing Details

I hope this article helps you find out the real differences between different plugins and delivering the exact information that you want. I hope you have liked my article, if so please share it with your friends.