Blogvault – The Only Reliable and Secure Online WordPress Backup Services For WordPress

Jan 12, 2018

Blogvault – The Only Reliable and Secure Online WordPress Backup Services For WordPress

Jan 12, 2018

Today, WordPress powers uncountable number of blogs and websites. It has become one of the most powerful platforms in the recent years. The WordPress now has become the most trustworthy platform for creating websites and blogs. You will find plenty of unbeatable features, bang on themes, useful plugins and out of the box creativity. On one hand where  all these reasons has made it the world’s number one CMS platform but on the other hand it has become the most sensitive and the targeted platform too. It has become the major focus of the brutal hackers and a spot for cyber crime activities.


It is very important to backup your WordPress based site on a daily basis. Backup means not only backing up your WordPress content, but backing up your whole WordPress based website.  


Assume one morning when you log in to your WordPress based website and you are welcomed by an error page. If you haven’t backed up your data, you are in big trouble. Have you ever imagined what would happen if someday your website gets hacked and you are left with nothing in your hand? But if you are taking regular backups then you don’t feel stressed out or tensed. You know your data is safe and you can get back whenever you need.


Three major reasons for data loss-


  1. The hackers always keep an eye. They steal the information and crashes your site, steals all your data and wipe off every single thing. Viruses are an automated programmed hackers. They do the same amount of damage and wrecks your site in a way that the only option left with you is to rebuild it.


  1. It is always said that keeping your website upgraded is essential but it sometimes lets you to be in the clutch of something that is dread and dysfunctioned. Keeping the latest backup of your site gives you peace of mind.


  1. Human errors are inevitable. A simple distraction can make you delete the files or something which was important. Users sometimes by mistake delete the files and this step cannot be taken back. In this situation having a backup will save you.


How can you backup your WordPress based website and Why Online Backups important?


It is always said to not totally depend on performing manual backups. Because we all are aware of human tendency of forgetting things. What if one day it skips out of your mind that you have to perform the backup of your site and the same day your site get crashed. You should not take the risk. You can totally depend on the various backup plugins available. These plugins automatically backup all your site on a regular basis and gives you peace of mind. Not only they backup but they also provide you additional features like daily scans, malware removal tools etc.


Also, we are aware of the today’s scenario. WordPress, today faces number of threats and has become the number one target of the evil hackers. An online backup solution acts as your websites insurance. They provides you the guarantee that your site is safe and sound. Also, with online backups you will be able to bounce back easily if in case you come across through some unexpected calamity.


Blogvault – All You Need to Know!

Online Backup for WordPress

Online Backup for WordPress


BlogVault is an WordPress plugin which help you to create secure online backups of your wordpress based site and also provide you some amazing features like single click staging, zero downtime migration, regular automated backups, test restore, off site backups, multisite support, incremental backup and much more that makes it one of a kind plugin.


There are many things that make your site defenseless and taking online backups is one of the things. It is always to right to take a prior decision rather than being late and feeling sorry if something wrong happens. Act Smart and play Safe. Let’s take a glance at what BlogVault offers to all kinds of site owners-


  • Easy one click setup and installation
  • Automatic regular backups
  • Offsite backups- stored on BlogVault secure servers or Dropbox
  • Test restore
  • Backup history- an archive of your regular backups
  • Zero Downtime Migration
  • With no extra charge add your team members and make collaboration pain free and productive
  • BlogVault offers you the convenience of multisite backup
  • Single-click Staging
  • Auto clean malware
  • Hardened Security Measures
  • Top notch backup services at affordable rates


Wrapping Words

The main reason and the advantage of  taking online WordPress backups is to enjoy healthy blogging. Being tension free you can easily perform every single function and can also try new things on your blog. You are free from worries about getting your data deleted and you can never get it back. You can easily get your data even if something goes wrong. Backups are a guarantee that let you sleep at night in peace.

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