Why BlogVault is the Best Backup and Restore Service Tool for WordPress

Dec 1, 2017

Why BlogVault is the Best Backup and Restore Service Tool for WordPress

Dec 1, 2017

BlogVault - Best Backup & Restore Service Tool

BlogVault – Best Backup & Restore Service

The importance of having an incredible existence with WordPress is to possess a quality Backup and Restore Service. WordPress, the most dependable content management framework that is available, consists several hours of testing behind it. However, every framework needs repetition.

When something isn’t going right, if there is no genuine support to settle the issue, or if you’re not up-to-date, then the backup that could be easily recoverable including all the files and database, then that’s a complete failure.

How many of you rely on the backups provided by the host website? Even if you’re, then it’s not completely reliable. Why do you think does your hosting provider charge only $ 5.00 per month to host your site?

But looking at the fact, hosting providers face the biggest threats. They are mostly targeted with threats and there are possibilities that the backups are not up-to-date. You might end up in that unfortunate situation where the hosting provider tells you that greater part of the content is lost completely.

It’s definite that you don’t want to be in such situation, do you? So what is the solution that you can implement for this situation? What would you choose when your server goes down?

BlogVault is the key factor that you need to consider as it saves your time and your business with its best Backup and restore service.

Why is BlogVault the best?

Looking for tech-free, simple, and a paid solution for WordPress Backup and Restore? BlogVault is an excellent solution for this. Here are some key factors where it proved to be exceptional solution,

  1. “Free Trial” for the first 7 days.
  2. BlogVault offers Backup and a Test Restore option. This feature lets you see your recovered site.
  3. The process takes place automatically. Less consumption of internet time.
  4. Off-site support. The Backup support is kept safe on the off-site server.
  5. The client-support from the BlogVault Team is excellent. They are prompt and will assist personally in the recovery restore process, step by step.

What does BlogVault’s Automatic Backups & Restore do?

A WordPress backup service, BlogVault is an excellent solution. With a great stronghold, BlogVault provides an easy-to-use and robust WordPress backup service. Whether you have a small or big website, BlogVault meets your needs.

Have you signed up to BlogVault? If you have, then you are immediately provided with a dashboard to manage your sites. BlogVault is basically a definition for “easy-to-use”.

  • Schedules automatic daily backups of your complete site.
  • Saves a great deal of storage space on your server.
  • The BlogVault is one of a kind as in it can be utilized for an incremental way to deal with backup your website.
  • The Backup service by BlogVault is not only easy and cheap, it also makes restoring process smooth and flawless.
  • The auto-restore feature by BlogVault automatically restores your site without manual intervention.
  • Are you manually uploading your files and importing your database via FTP? Say goodbye to it! The auto-restore happens from BlogVault’s servers to your servers backstage.
  • Once your auto-restore is complete, BlogVault will quickly tell you by means of email.
  • BlogVault offers support for huge sites that are more than 35GB.
  • Also, you can test-restore your backups temporarily on blogVault’s servers to approve the uprightness of your backup.

BlogVault Premium Plugin

This can be utilized to take a backup, migrate your files or restore your lost data. As BlogVault offers automatic offsite backups every day, the resources are stored off-site and subsequently the space can’t be consumed by backups.

BlogVault Features – WordPress Backup Plugin

More than 80,000 sites utilize the WordPress backup. By offering auto-restore feature with just one-click, you can rapidly restore your site, on the off chance that anything happens to your webpage.

Test Restore:

This feature allows you to test your WordPress Backups on BlogVault Servers.  7 days free trail is accessible


Your website is secure with BlogVault. Join today to check the services and appreciate a WordPress backup benefit like no other. After all, you don’t have anything to lose.

In case you’re thinking about how this feature spares time, simply envision what might happen that you wished to restore an older version of your site, but you end up restoring the wrong form.

BlogVault is an ideal answer for anybody who wants backups, including WooCommerce store backups without wanting to pay for the most expensive WordPress Backups and reestablish frameworks, programs or plugins that do a similar work process.

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