An Introduction to WordPress Backup and Security Plugins

Oct 15, 2017

An Introduction to WordPress Backup and Security Plugins

Oct 15, 2017


In today’s technology-driven world, every organization has their own blog. And a majority of them choose WordPress for content management. While WordPress platform which is extremely secure, taking a backup of your WordPress webpage is a basic thing and what is more important than dealing with an essential part of WordPress site than security.

Having a WordPress backup service will always help you in saving a lot of work and help you deal with stress when your hosting provider loses your data due to certain error, or your site is hacked.

Constantly, the effort, time, creative ability and finances that your investment is worth tons. So this is where you need to think about how well you can take care of your website. Luckily, there are various best security and backup plugins for WordPress that will help you.

I trust that protected, dependable and easy to understand backups are justified regardless of the money you spend on the plugins for your site wellbeing.

Why Do I Need  WordPress Backup and Security Plugins?

A security plugin adds a sheet for protection that can stand against malware and hackers. You’re provided with a set of tools, so when you legitimately design or configure your site to put few main security assignments that you require to complete frequently on autopilot. The best plugins likewise help you to retrieve all the database from a hack quickly.

According to Mark Maunder, the pioneer of Wordfence — the aim to design a plugin that adopts WordPress easily and improves the considerable features effectively that is incorporated with Core.

The Importance of Backup Plugins

Whilst you make use of a security plugin, ensure that you also make it a priority to use a backup plugin. You might have come across security plugin that includes backup features as well. Many manufacturers ensure that their tools include both backup and security plugins.

Taking a backup of your site all the time is fundamental for a complete security design. By what other means do you think that you can restore your site’s documents? While numerous backup plugins exist, VaultPress, WordPress Backup to Dropbox, and BackupBuddy are few of the most well known. Consisting of various prices, be it free or paid, these plugins will ensure your documents and WordPress database are protected regardless of what happens.

Considering an instance, ManageWP a plugin that offers backups as part of its principle highlight. You also can schedule backups ahead of time and automate the whole process, this can be the ideal approach to guarantee they occur on time, without fail.

What Makes a Great Backup Plugin?

In this the main focus is on the plugins that make the process of backing up, restoring and migrating your website in a simple way, authentic and hassle-free. The plugins must have the following features:

  1. Automated backup scheduling: you can be flexible to choose what you back up and how often.
  2. You are allowed to store your backups in third-party services like Dropbox and Amazon S3.
  3. Straightforward migration or restoring via WordPress admin screens or the provider’s website.
  4. A detailed documentation can be mentioned on the provider’s website.
  5. The billing plans can be flexible (appropriate to t&c*)  with monthly or annual plans and various prices for different purposes.
  6. Support for WordPress Multisite: You don’t have to pay extra for each site in your network.

Additional Security Measures

Besides using the WordPress plugins, make sure that you follow a few safety measures. These will help you in enhancing the security of your blog.

  1. Your  WordPress installation has to be up to date. Ensure that you have updated your WordPress with the latest version. Whilst the older versions tend to have a couple of security issues which is also available for free, the best thing you can do is upgrade the website.
  2. Add plugins and themes in your blog updates to latest version. New versions always come with new features and security fixes. Third party plugins and themes are the reason for a vulnerability in WordPress websites which allows hackers to attack your site, hence updating plugins and themes is necessary.
  3. Nulled themes and themes from untrusted sources generally contain malware in the code. So, avoid any unknown source for download plugins and themes.
  4. Consider not to use ‘admin’ as your username as it is a default one and common.
  5. As WordPress bruteforcing tools are available, utilize strong passwords for your account. A lengthy password that consists capital letters, small case letters, numbers and special characters will keep your account on a safer side.

Why Choose BlogVault?

BlogVault, one of the best WordPress Security plugins will take your website security to a whole new level. This plugin is designed by experts and is easy to use and understand.

It diminishes security risk by checking for vulnerabilities, and by executing and authorizing the most recent suggestions that WordPress security practices.

BlogVault is a complete WordPress Backup solution, from taking backups and restoring it and help in migrating, it has worked on a number of changes to make it easy for the users to access. At the same time, BlogVault significantly takes backups of the whole site on a regular basis as you install the backup plugin in your site.

The Unique Features of BlogVault,

  • The backups are stored of all 365 days in an encrypted format in the off-site servers like BlogVault and Amazon S3.
  • The WordPress Backups can also be transferred to Dropbox
  • BlogVault dashboard provides simple one-click operations to relocate locales, reestablish sites, test backups and download backups as well.
  • Most relied on migrations tool, to any URL or web host. Trusted by leading web hosts.
  • Easy-to-use, independent dashboard to manage all sites’ backups
  • Offers world-class support

How is BlogVault better as compared to other Backup and Security Plugins?

BlogVault an alternative to UpdraftPlus, VaultPress, Backup Buddy, and many other backup solutions offer an ideally best security and backup services. From far-reaching and secure backups to usability, and every day or continuous backup solutions and build a loyal base of customers with high-quality support, BlogVault encourages you to work on what you’re specialized in.

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With new improved features, BlogVault now comes as a thorough bundle that enables clients to take reinforcement, oversee and secure their sites inside and out.


Whilst there are several WordPress Backup and Security plugins available, it is not necessary that you have to download all of them. On the off chance that you are not content with its execution, you can download some other plugin to check and utilize. Each and every plugin offers special security highlights.

A couple of plugins likewise offer free client support and security appraisal with the professional adaptation. With an expanding number of hacking assaults, it is important to have security on your site.

As you utilize WordPress, ensure that you make use of the right one.

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