WordPress Staging Using BlogVault – The Functions, Benefits and Significance

Nov 2, 2017

WordPress Staging Using BlogVault – The Functions, Benefits and Significance

Nov 2, 2017


WordPress is the most commonly used online Content Management/Website creation tool. We all know it as one of the most powerful blogging tools to create, examine and manipulate content and site accordingly.

WordPress is a collection of a variety of features. The highly responsive design, social sharing, auto upgrade and support have made this software very popular among all sorts of small/medium/big digital marketing companies, website owners, bloggers, and Entrepreneurs.

Out of the different amazing features, my personal favorite is, ‘WordPress Staging’. Why I am saying so will be clear as you will read my blog through. Here I will let you know everything about the Staging features of WordPress, its need, benefit, and significance as well.


What is WordPress Staging?

Staging is an important feature of WordPress, which will let you test your live production site before publishing it. You can see this option by going through this hierarchy –


BlogVault Dashboard > Staging > Copy site from Live to Staging

Through these steps, you’ll be able to create a Staging environment for your site.

Basically, it works by creating a staging site, which is the clone of your live production site. There you can make changes in your site as per your requirements. 

Need of WordPress Staging

So, you might be thinking about this right? As what is the need of Staging and why you need to use it. So take a look at the following points to know about it in details.


#1 Reason – To Examine/Test your Site

This is the very first reason you need this feature. Creating a website in WordPress brings lots of responsibilities, use of different themes and plugins and content as well. You got to make everything work well right, and what will be better than to examine your creation on complete basis right before releasing it in front of the world.

And with the Staging feature, you can easily perform this action. It’s because this feature allows you to test the site before publishing it. You can easily check out for any problem and clear them as well.


#2 Reason – To make Changes in the Site

You can update your site and make any changes as well. This is one of the biggest reason you should have this feature. As you will be able to check out your site from every possible aspect, it will be easier for you to make changes in your site. You can edit, update and manipulate your site according to your requirements. You can also check whether the site is properly functioning or not.


#3 Reason – To Preview your Site

Without a full-pro0f preview, you can’t take the risk to release your site. And with WordPress staging process you can easily perform this action. Previewing your site before it’s launch is a must in order to have a guarantee that your site is worth it.


Ways of performing Staging Action – BlogVault

On contrary, there are two different ways to perform this action. One is to use the WordPress staging website feature, and second to use the third party software plugin, that provides the same features with extensible services as well.

Here I will let you know about one such WordPress plugin that can help you out in performing the staging function. The tool’s name is ‘BlogVault’, which is a complete WordPress backup solution for your site.


What is BlogVault?

It is a WordPress backup plugin, which you can manage your site requirements, take backups of them and keep it in a secure way as well. You can also perform complex tasks like Staging and Migration of sites in a much easier way before. After All, this is what this plugin is made for right!

WordPress Backup Plugin BlogVault


Striking features of this plugin include –

  • Automatic WordPress Backup
  • Real Time and Incremental Backups
  • History and Dropbox  Backup
  • Backup in one click


Using BlogVault for Staging –

So, as per our topic, for now, I’ll only discuss the staging service provided by this plugin. Generally, it’s not too difficult, at first seen you’ll have the one-click setup for the whole process. Things have been made quite easier for you to work faster.

First of all, you got to install BlogVault from the internet source, then subscribe to it followed by the opening of the plugin. Then after you can start your staging operation. The working of Blogvault possesses their own servers, where a copy of your site can be uploaded. This gives you the benefit that you don’t have to depend on web hosts.


What can you do using BlogVault?

Here I am mentioning the various functions you can carry out using this backup plugin tool for WordPress –

Install/Update Plugins – You can install the plugins in the site and update them before publishing the live production site. The plugins are very necessary for the site to work well. So install/update of the plugins can be done.

Install/Update Themes – Likewise, the themes are also necessary for the site to look beautiful and complete. You can also install, update or switch the themes on your site. It will take no more than few minutes.

Develop site – You can develop your site in the same staging server. After All, it has been made to update your site right! So, you can do all the changes you want to do on your site in order to make it error-free. you can also build new website while the old site is live using staging site.

Edit Core files – The most important element of any site is, it’s core files, of which the site is made of. So, any problem in the core file can ruin your hard make in the making of the site. Staging in WordPress offers you quick services to edit the core files. This makes your work really easy.

Update WordPress core – You can also update the WordPress core using BlogVault plugin. Core files are responsible for the overall functionality and appearance of the WordPress platform.

Make Custom Changes – You can change the look of your site, test your plugins/themes safely. You can also update WordPress safely as well. In other words, you can easily check and change the custom properties of the site.

So all these were the functions of BlogVault Staging feature. Now let’s take you to the benefits you’ll get by using this plugin tool –


Benefits of using BlogVault Tool –

One-Click Staging – It provides one-click staging service, which makes it quite preferable to look and use. Staging is really a tough task to do in WordPress. Whether you are a developer, a WordPress enthusiast or a Website Owner, you really need staging to check each and every site you create.

Makes Staging Easy – As you will doing the processes in just one click, it will be very easy for you to maintain the site. No time exhausting problem, just work and work with absolute benefit. You’ll also be able to fasten your work with the help of this backup software plugin tool.

Completely Secure – Your files will be in SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) mode, means completely secure from any threat of hacking or malware. Also, their details can be mailed to your registered email as well. So, this makes it a really good option for you to use this right!

Reflective – Whatever the change you’ll be doing on your site, it will reflect in the staging site. You will have a maximum of seven days access to the staging site so there will be no tension even if you forgot something. As you can recheck it anytime.

Besides this, you’ll get email notifications when your site is staged as well.

So, this was my blog explaining you everything about the WordPress Staging through BlogVault. I hope you have liked my blog. Please share it with your friends as well 🙂

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